starting a blog just before a holiday probably not the best plan in the world to be honest – although has given me time to decide i didn’t like my original design so this is new and improved version 2!

had a nice relaxing time at home with parents, my lovely other half and my current project – a modified boneyard shawl.  this is my first shawl and biggest project yet as have only been knitting since easter and it had all been going well until the shawl went travelling!  two holes in two days have meant two lots of frogging and as each row is over 200 stitches and i am a ridiculously slow knitter i have definitely gone backwards with this.  am determined to persevere if only because i so many other projects i want to get started on.  going to give wip wednesday a go for the first time tomorrow in the hope it will urge me to keep going!

as for the mess of yarn……well……3 hours and lots of sighs of frustration later i managed to turn one of the hanks below into 3 balls (it was 3 out of necessity not out of choice!)

having not realised there was a special way to deal with yarn when it comes in these squishy bundles that i now know are known as hanks i created a big giant mess of lovely yellow cotton all over my living room floor – needless to say other half unimpressed at having to wait until i’d sorted it for tea and at having me shout at him every time he suggested just going and buying another one.  it became a matter of principle – such a lovely bundle of yarn would not be wasted – just in the end separated into one mega-ball and two rather meagre ones when it all got too much and i had to cut.

will be using it to start my first crochet blanket – my back room blanket using this gorgeous pattern.

going to follow this with my year of projects post – to spur me on and having seen a lot of other bloggers getting involved i’m going to set my self the challenge as well.

thanks for reading folks and hope you’re all having a lovely tuesday evenings……lesley x