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so as promised yesterday am posting today for my first time taking part in tami’s wip wednesday – as i’ve been off work and at home for the past couple of days so have been working on boneyard shawl and have started a little embroidery project having thoroughly neglected stitching since my yarn obsession kicked in about 2 months ago.

i’ve only ever done cross-stitch before so the stitches on this are a bit wonky but i’m in love with it already so i don’t really mind – it’s still a wip as it’s only the first of 4 that will find their home in my back room.  the other 3 are all transferred and ready to start stitching hopefully over the weekend….

after having tried to take pictures of the shawl as a whole i gave up as it’s really too big for the needles now and just looks like a scrunched up mess so just have a couple of close-up pics showing the lovely fuzzy alpaca that will be so lovely and cosy in a couple of months time….

don’t think i’ll have anything finished for another week or so though…..

thanks for stopping by and hope everyone’s had a great wip wednesday

lesley x