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just about making this in before midnight so is technically still a sunday post although i am in bed writing it!

it being a very wet and rainy day here, in the middle of summer no less, i’ve had a lovely crafty sunday but despite spending all day frantically trying to get my boneyard shawl finished i still have one more repeat and the finish pattern left to do ;( i had to give up because i couldn’t face starting the final one – each row is taking me about 20 minutes to do now because i am such a painfully slow knitter.

because i didn’t want to not have anything to show for my first yop update at about 10pm i started one of the other projects on the list – my back room blanket. loving the colours but don’t think the yarn is the easiest to work with so i have a feeling this is going to take a lot longer than i had thought.

not a lot of progress but at least something new to show…..

will hopefully have a finished project for next week’s update.

hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend

lesley x