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i’m cheating a bit here – lots of knitting, frogging and desperately trying to trust sock pattern instructions instead of thinking i know better because i can’t see how the heel will ever actually work have meant that although i’ve made a fair bit of progress on my sock unfortunately it is still is just that – a single sock rather than part of a pair.

so instead i’m going to share the prettiest of my “finished” stash – finished in that i am only waiting on 2 online parcels arriving and then i’m on yarn-buying cold turkey 😦  i’m not going to allow myself to buy any more until i’ve finished my socks and another 3 of my year of projects items.  and no cheating either – they’ll be big items not just a granny square or two!  that’s the plan at least so we’ll see how it goes.

in the meantime then, in lieu of actual fo’s let’s enjoy some yarn……..

as you can see lots more socks begging to be made so need to get cracking with getting this first one finished off!

for lots of actual fo’s check out fo friday over at tami’s blog.


lesley x