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a pretty rubbish and stressful work week has meant not much time for more enjoyable past-times although i have had a nice evening with nothing planned or no work to catch up on this evening so have made a start on a couple of things.

sock 2 is on hold until the weekend when i can make a good run at it so started a mini bunting for my bedroom this evening…..

it’s bizarre – when i first started i was so much quicker with my crochet – don’t entirely know what’s happened but i’ve gotten a lot slower and tension is all over the place where it never was before. although the lovely pretty colours cheered me up no end 🙂

though not as much as slightly belatedly starting on my shawl for the fall KAL shawl – cast on my lintilla a couple of hours ago – trying to get to grips with short rows – not sure that i’m doing them totally right but it looks neat enough (to my untrained eye anyway!)

i am LOVING how this yarn knits up – the colour variations are beautiful so  i am going to bed happy and with a massive smile on my face

and only 2 days to the weekend – even better!

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happy wip wednesday everyone!

lesley x