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a bit late with my update this week – first weekend working of the summer meant ridiculously early to bed last night and no time to blog 😦

off to north wales and the land of no wifi for a training course tomorrow morning so wanted to make sure i posted my update for this week before this week becomes next week!

i’ve mostly been working on my KAL shawl this week – christened on thursday as the “purple lighthouse shawl” after the little yarn stall i bought the yarn from on my last trip home.  one of my favourite things about going home is visiting the food and craft market with my mum on a saturday morning in town – my last trip home was about a month ago and my first as a “knitter” which meant my first time noticing this little yarn stall!  needless to say my mum, who is resolutely not a knitter, was a bit concerned by my flitting around this stall for a good 30 minutes or so of indecision as to how much i could really afford to buy and perhaps more importantly, how much would fit in my hand luggage and would they confiscate my needles?? i’d gotten away with circulars on the way over but would 14 inch straight needles be pushing it too far?  in the end i left the needles and settles for some gorgeous stitch markers from atomic knitting instead.

and so to the shawl – it’s coming along, slowly though….i promised the stall owner that i’d come back to show her whatever i ended up making with the yarn so at least i know the shawl has to be finished by christmas when i go home next!!  i having a feeling this shawl will be spanning more seasons that just the “fall” or autumn that it was intended for…..

and now for the very exciting ruffle-y close up……

in love with the ruffles ♥

i wasn’t convinced there was any ruffle-y action happening for the first few repeats – i’m using heavier yarn than the sock yarn the pattern calls for so was having panics about dk yarn lacking ruffle-ability! but they’ve started to appear slowly but surely 🙂

have also cast on for my 2nd sock – considerably less dramatic than the first one but still as slow so only just past the cuff but will plug away at it during the downtime in wales so hopefully will have a pair soonish – the yarn doesn’t have the same colour repeats again though so they are going to be a brother and sister pair rather than twins for sure!

hope everyone’s had a good start to their week and looking forward to catching up on everyone’s progress when i’m back home again

lesley x