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it’s sunday again so once more i’m starting off with another update on my yop progress.  i’ve been working away on 3 of my projects this week – my socks (yes still going on those!) and the 2 late additions to the list, my purple lighthouse shawl and some granny bunting.

although it feels like i’ve been doing a lot the progress is looking pretty minimal to be honest – a few inches here and there and just one more granny triangle for the bunting.

so this week just a quick piccie of the pretty colours that are making me smile

part of the reason i’ve not made more noticeable progress on these is that i got seriously distracted yesterday.  following my post in the morning i decided to venture out (as the football season started yesterday i don’t think the other half even noticed i had gone!).  the aim was just to get a 3mm hook and some cheap yarn.  i succeeded but as is the normal way i came home with a little more than had planned…..

so many gorgeous projects in here and planning to start small with a little washcloth set using the pink and purple cotton i picked up as well.  am thinking they’d look nice as a little surprise for my mum’s bathroom.

with the hook and cheap yarn though i already had a purpose – an innocent hat for this year’s big knit 🙂  i’m not sure if it was the cheap yarn or, for me, using such a small hook for dk, but it was t-o-u-g-h!  i still have weird lack of sensation in my 3rd finger from having to grip the hook so hard to pull loops through and i am missing some skin from my left hand fingers due to the yarn as well 😦

but, at the end of it all came, as christened by the other half, cyril ♥

as i love him i am choosing to ignore that his eyes don’t look anything alike and that there’s a big lump on the back of his neck where the sewing together didn’t go quite to plan!

due to his wonkiness i don’t think he’s quite cut out to grace an innocent bottle yet so a new hook with comfort grip and some nice soft wool have been ordered so that cyril will get some brothers and sisters that are fit for purpose.

i’ve had a lovely afternoon moseying around to read everyone else’s updates – lots of beautiful knitting and crocheting we’ve been doing this week!

hope you enjoy the last of the weekend

lesley x