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wip wednesday – marking the middle of the week and only 2 days left to the weekend – yaay!

have a few different things to share today – one new and two that i’m still knitting and stitching away at.

firstly my purple lighthouse shawl – unfortunately it doesn’t look all that different from the last time i shared it, but i do feel like i’m making progress with it – i’m on repeat 14 of 22 in the increase section before moving onto the decrease and if i stretch it a bit it does wrap round my neck now – albeit really rather tightly!

i’ve also picked up my groups of birds i’ve been stitching for the first time in a while this week – i’ve now finished 2 of the group and am part way through the 3rd – just one more to finish and they’ll be ready to hang up!

and finally i’ve started another washcloth – using the lattice washcloth pattern this time – looking very pretty and lovely soft organic cotton yarn again feels very scrumptious!

for more lovely wips go check out tami’s blog.

finally for this evening, and very exciting, i have been given my first blog award from the lovely RugbyMad – thank you 🙂

so now to the conditions – 7 things about me and some new blogs i’m loving at the minute…..

me first!

  • i am a newcomer to knitting and crochet but am completely obsessed – so much so my other half is now becoming a little concerned
  • i’m not good in large groups of people, definitely feel better with smaller numbers
  • i have lovely cats, but i do have a favourite :S mainly because one of them is just very anti-social!
  • my ideal man is michael palin, despite the fact that i am only 26 and he is most definitely not (thanks to my dad’s love for monty python i think!)
  • i’m northern irish – not irish, not british – when anyone asks i am northern irish and happy to be
  • the music that makes me happiest is the highly embarrassing erasure (blamed on my mum this time!)
  • i’m rubbish at planning anything – i tend to float along a bit and things just tend to happen – most of the time i don’t mind but i do get annoyed at myself sometimes!

and then for my favourite places to read about others (as i’m new to blogging everyone else is new to me although a number of these bloggers have been writing for quite some time)

a surprise every time
coco rose diaries
crafts from the cwtch
crochet with raymond
gingerbread girl
good purl gone bad

off to bed now – night everyone

lesley x