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did you ever play that game when you were young? to “help” us learn our 3 and 4 times tables my mum told me and my brother – we had to go round in a circle and work our way through the tables with “buzz” being every multiple of either 3 or 4.

i did of course discover later on that it wasn’t a multiplication game at all, rather a drinking game that becomes infinitely more amusing the more multiples, words and drinks that are introduced!

so where does this come in to my yop update exactly……….hmmmm well it all started a week ago.  a lovely sunny bank holiday weekend that unfortunately involved my other half working on saturday and then me working on sunday.  after dropping him into work on saturday morning i decided to take myself out for a little breakfast treat


bagel, coffee and a good book that i would have finished the night before had i not been told in no uncertain terms to turn the light out or face the consequences!

it’s the first reading i’ve done really since i started knitting and i almost felt as great a sense of achievement finishing the book as i have done when finishing a knitted or crocheted lovely!

i then decided to do a little charity shop mooching and go and investigate the LYS – i’ve been to this part of manchester many times before but had never really paid much attention to the shop much less actually ventured in and so venture in i did. 

this was a bad move from a yop point of view……..


tiny skeins of sock yarn – apart from the unbelievable cuteness and excitement at the massive old sweet jar chock full of them – can you guess what my first thought on seeing these lovelies was??

yep, you’re right……………….bee-keeper quilt!

what could be better than tiny skeins – no need to wait until i’ve actually finished some socks for scraps of yarn, because, let’s face it, i’d be waiting a very long time! 

in this past week i have therefore gone a little mini-skein and bee-keeper mad!  much experimenting with different needles, frogging, and testing levels of puffiness has ensued and my yop progress has suffered insomuch as there has been no progress at all!

instead i have 5 little perfectly (in my eyes anyway!) formed hexapuffs and the very humble start of my “one, two, buzz” quilt (see there was some point to that story!)

DSC01330 (640x426)


this is going to be my one a day project – so i will be happy hexapuffing for a while yet!  as you can see from the pictures my first few are a variety of sizes as only had one set of dpns to begin with but think i prefer the bigger ones so going to stick with those so may not need quite so many!

and actually since i’ve started writing this i’ve been feeling even more guilty that i’ve not done anything on my yop items so i’ve just gone and picked up my purple lighthouse shawl and done another set of short rows so i don’t feel quite so bad!

hope everyone is enjoying the last of their weekend – i’m off to do another hexapuff!

lesley x