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so it’s been a while……i have certainly been a lazy blogger of late, not necessarily out of choice, rather that sleep after 14 or 15 hour days at work has seemed like the more sensible option.  after a nice chilled weekend though i feel a bit more like i’m back on an even keel again.

my house no longer looks sad and neglected and i’ve had a lovely couple of mornings enjoying the pretty corner of my kitchen and pottering about pretending i can cook and bake.


in reality though it really is just lots of tea and coffee drinking and biscuit dunking whilst thumbing through cookery books wistfully!

a lazy weekend more importantly also means time to actually knit! and due to a really rather productive weekend for me i have actually finished something from my yop list – yaaay!




my purple lighthouse shawl all finished ♥ i didn’t bother blocking it partly because i didn’t think it really needed it and partly because i’m a bit like a child and couldn’t wait any longer to actually wear it!

i’ve got a bit of a dilemma now though – there isn’t really anything on my list that’s grabbing me at the minute and giving me that urge to cast on – instead i’ve got so many other new patterns and ideas for projects that i’ve come across and fallen in love with over the past few weeks that i’m torn!

so while i decide, it’ll be more hexapuffs!

DSC01483 (640x426)

this is my one a day project, although i confess i haven’t actually completed one since monday so have a bit of catching up to do! hopefully my first mini skein club package that arrived from the natural dye studio will help!


added to my recent buys from the knitting goddess i’m building up a large enough mini skein stash to keep me going for a pretty long while!

so off a-hexapuff-ing i go!

happy sunday evening folks

lesley x