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i’ve had a bit of a slow knitting week – i know why as well…….christmas knitting.

much and all as i want to knit my lovely mum a shawl for christmas i’m really wishing that she hadn’t wanted one in the same pattern as my purple lighthouse shawl.  i love my shawl because of the gorgeous yarn and colours but it was really a slog to finish – too much garter stitch!

sadly my mum is more a fan of neutrals than bright colours so the yarn she chose doesn’t really liven things up either…

i’m on repeat 14 of 22 though so need to stick at it – just over 2 weeks before we fly home so would be nice to have it all blocked and wrapped by then – need to get at it really!

what i really want to be working on though are these….

my little ripple- it is quite mini as i was just testing out the pattern really – i’ve not been a huge fan of crocheting in rows, mostly because i hate working into the foundation chain – it’s horrible and i always seem to miss chains and end up giving up.  this one went surprisingly ok though so maybe there’s hope for me yet.  it’s going to need a pretty substantial border though for it to be a wee lap blanket.

and my tweedie pie cardigan.  i took a bit of a break from this with moving house but really want to get back to it – am just about to start knitting the pocket on the front so although i’ve not gotten very far it’s headed in the right direction!

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lesley x