finally a fo friday

it’s been a while but i finally have something finished to share on a friday – yaay!

just a nice quick and easy make from the latest issue of my new favourite magazine mollie makes

so pretty and a good use of some very ugly plastic bangles that have been languishing in my jewellery box for about 5 years!

and finally not the best pic in the world but in their new home, brightening up the very blank and boring white wall above my bed

happy fo friday! head over to tami’s blog for more lovelies

lesley x



wool comes from cows don’t you know?

ok so my other half is a bit clueless on the knitting front – can just about live with me my obsession and that’s it! i did however think he was slightly more clued up than this…

me – “wow look how much that (madelintosh) is to buy from uk – even with extra charges it was so much cheaper getting mine from america”

him – “why how much is it?”

me – *don’t make eye contact and look sheepish while saying nothing*

him – “what’s so good about it anyway?? does it come from special cows or something?”

me – uncontrollable laughter

him – slightly embarrassed and shooting evil looks my direction


wip wednesday and a little prize


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wip wednesday – marking the middle of the week and only 2 days left to the weekend – yaay!

have a few different things to share today – one new and two that i’m still knitting and stitching away at.

firstly my purple lighthouse shawl – unfortunately it doesn’t look all that different from the last time i shared it, but i do feel like i’m making progress with it – i’m on repeat 14 of 22 in the increase section before moving onto the decrease and if i stretch it a bit it does wrap round my neck now – albeit really rather tightly!

i’ve also picked up my groups of birds i’ve been stitching for the first time in a while this week – i’ve now finished 2 of the group and am part way through the 3rd – just one more to finish and they’ll be ready to hang up!

and finally i’ve started another washcloth – using the lattice washcloth pattern this time – looking very pretty and lovely soft organic cotton yarn again feels very scrumptious!

for more lovely wips go check out tami’s blog.

finally for this evening, and very exciting, i have been given my first blog award from the lovely RugbyMad – thank you 🙂

so now to the conditions – 7 things about me and some new blogs i’m loving at the minute…..

me first!

  • i am a newcomer to knitting and crochet but am completely obsessed – so much so my other half is now becoming a little concerned
  • i’m not good in large groups of people, definitely feel better with smaller numbers
  • i have lovely cats, but i do have a favourite :S mainly because one of them is just very anti-social!
  • my ideal man is michael palin, despite the fact that i am only 26 and he is most definitely not (thanks to my dad’s love for monty python i think!)
  • i’m northern irish – not irish, not british – when anyone asks i am northern irish and happy to be
  • the music that makes me happiest is the highly embarrassing erasure (blamed on my mum this time!)
  • i’m rubbish at planning anything – i tend to float along a bit and things just tend to happen – most of the time i don’t mind but i do get annoyed at myself sometimes!

and then for my favourite places to read about others (as i’m new to blogging everyone else is new to me although a number of these bloggers have been writing for quite some time)

a surprise every time
coco rose diaries
crafts from the cwtch
crochet with raymond
gingerbread girl
good purl gone bad

off to bed now – night everyone

lesley x

today is a good day



it’s safe to say that mondays are not my favourite day of the week.  normally lots of rather annoying things that have seem to have stored up over the weekend come crawling out of the wood work on mondays.

today though was a great one!

i got my final exam results at the ungodly hour of 5:30am – and thankfully i passed which means, most importantly……no more exams!  it also means i am now a qualified chartered accountant which, because i’m a geek, makes me very happy.

then i got these as a congratulation….

which made me even happier.

and finally i can now plan our trip to the german christmas markets in december knowing i won’t have any more exams to do then.

happy days ♥

hope everyone else’s week has gotten off to a lovely start too

lesley x

yop update – no more naked feet


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it’s sunday again and i finally have a fo from my list – yaaay!

lovely warm and cosy feet just in time for autumn coming

and that’s pretty much it for the update to be honest! all my other wips have been badly neglected this week while i’ve been finishing off the second sock so no new progress pics to share.  hopefully there’ll be more to show on my purple lighthouse shawl next week!

it’s been a bit of a dull weekend here but a 5 minute burst of sunshine streaming through my kitchen window yesterday afternoon almost made me think that summer wasn’t quite yet over

they look so much prettier with a little sunshine shining in on them!

and in the middle of it one of my girls trying to enjoy a bit of the sun as well

hope you’re having a lovely weekend wherever you are

lesley x

yop update and cyril the frog


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it’s sunday again so once more i’m starting off with another update on my yop progress.  i’ve been working away on 3 of my projects this week – my socks (yes still going on those!) and the 2 late additions to the list, my purple lighthouse shawl and some granny bunting.

although it feels like i’ve been doing a lot the progress is looking pretty minimal to be honest – a few inches here and there and just one more granny triangle for the bunting.

so this week just a quick piccie of the pretty colours that are making me smile

part of the reason i’ve not made more noticeable progress on these is that i got seriously distracted yesterday.  following my post in the morning i decided to venture out (as the football season started yesterday i don’t think the other half even noticed i had gone!).  the aim was just to get a 3mm hook and some cheap yarn.  i succeeded but as is the normal way i came home with a little more than had planned…..

so many gorgeous projects in here and planning to start small with a little washcloth set using the pink and purple cotton i picked up as well.  am thinking they’d look nice as a little surprise for my mum’s bathroom.

with the hook and cheap yarn though i already had a purpose – an innocent hat for this year’s big knit 🙂  i’m not sure if it was the cheap yarn or, for me, using such a small hook for dk, but it was t-o-u-g-h!  i still have weird lack of sensation in my 3rd finger from having to grip the hook so hard to pull loops through and i am missing some skin from my left hand fingers due to the yarn as well 😦

but, at the end of it all came, as christened by the other half, cyril ♥

as i love him i am choosing to ignore that his eyes don’t look anything alike and that there’s a big lump on the back of his neck where the sewing together didn’t go quite to plan!

due to his wonkiness i don’t think he’s quite cut out to grace an innocent bottle yet so a new hook with comfort grip and some nice soft wool have been ordered so that cyril will get some brothers and sisters that are fit for purpose.

i’ve had a lovely afternoon moseying around to read everyone else’s updates – lots of beautiful knitting and crocheting we’ve been doing this week!

hope you enjoy the last of the weekend

lesley x

rainy saturday mornings

a very wet and cloudy saturday morning here….perfect as gives me an excuse to spend the morning curled up on the sofa in blog-land with a big mug of hot coffee and a very naughty sausage barm.

yum yum

have discovered a few lovely things to share this morning already – the first is from one of my favourite blogs, Gingerbread Girl – Carole is doing her first give-away so although it reduces my chances of winning 😦 i’d definitely go and have a look as her package is just lovely ♥

second is a more charitable find – it’s the innocent big knit at the minute so have been planning on getting started on some little innocent hats this weekend and been searching for patterns and have found the cutest hat ever – a little crocheted frog from the Oliver Boliver blog.  am dying to get going with this but i don’t have the right sized hook so may have to venture out later on 😦

will hopefully have something to share tomorrow though!

and then yet another thing to distract me from the many wips i already have (7 to be precise!!) i found this on the mollie makes blog – i’m thinking it would make the most gorgeous centre stitch to the collection of birds i’m working on – or rather that i’ve neglected since i posted about them here.  love the idea of stitching onto patterned fabric as well so might have to try that out too.

hmmmm i definitely need to brace myself for the yukky weather and head out to get supplies methinks!

hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend so far

lesley x



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a bit late with my update this week – first weekend working of the summer meant ridiculously early to bed last night and no time to blog 😦

off to north wales and the land of no wifi for a training course tomorrow morning so wanted to make sure i posted my update for this week before this week becomes next week!

i’ve mostly been working on my KAL shawl this week – christened on thursday as the “purple lighthouse shawl” after the little yarn stall i bought the yarn from on my last trip home.  one of my favourite things about going home is visiting the food and craft market with my mum on a saturday morning in town – my last trip home was about a month ago and my first as a “knitter” which meant my first time noticing this little yarn stall!  needless to say my mum, who is resolutely not a knitter, was a bit concerned by my flitting around this stall for a good 30 minutes or so of indecision as to how much i could really afford to buy and perhaps more importantly, how much would fit in my hand luggage and would they confiscate my needles?? i’d gotten away with circulars on the way over but would 14 inch straight needles be pushing it too far?  in the end i left the needles and settles for some gorgeous stitch markers from atomic knitting instead.

and so to the shawl – it’s coming along, slowly though….i promised the stall owner that i’d come back to show her whatever i ended up making with the yarn so at least i know the shawl has to be finished by christmas when i go home next!!  i having a feeling this shawl will be spanning more seasons that just the “fall” or autumn that it was intended for…..

and now for the very exciting ruffle-y close up……

in love with the ruffles ♥

i wasn’t convinced there was any ruffle-y action happening for the first few repeats – i’m using heavier yarn than the sock yarn the pattern calls for so was having panics about dk yarn lacking ruffle-ability! but they’ve started to appear slowly but surely 🙂

have also cast on for my 2nd sock – considerably less dramatic than the first one but still as slow so only just past the cuff but will plug away at it during the downtime in wales so hopefully will have a pair soonish – the yarn doesn’t have the same colour repeats again though so they are going to be a brother and sister pair rather than twins for sure!

hope everyone’s had a good start to their week and looking forward to catching up on everyone’s progress when i’m back home again

lesley x

not a whole lot of progress wednesday


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a pretty rubbish and stressful work week has meant not much time for more enjoyable past-times although i have had a nice evening with nothing planned or no work to catch up on this evening so have made a start on a couple of things.

sock 2 is on hold until the weekend when i can make a good run at it so started a mini bunting for my bedroom this evening…..

it’s bizarre – when i first started i was so much quicker with my crochet – don’t entirely know what’s happened but i’ve gotten a lot slower and tension is all over the place where it never was before. although the lovely pretty colours cheered me up no end 🙂

though not as much as slightly belatedly starting on my shawl for the fall KAL shawl – cast on my lintilla a couple of hours ago – trying to get to grips with short rows – not sure that i’m doing them totally right but it looks neat enough (to my untrained eye anyway!)

i am LOVING how this yarn knits up – the colour variations are beautiful so  i am going to bed happy and with a massive smile on my face

and only 2 days to the weekend – even better!

for lots more wips and celebration of a year of wip wednesday visit tami’s blog

happy wip wednesday everyone!

lesley x