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i have new work in progress to share – very exciting! since i finished my shawl over the weekend i’ve been thinking about tackling something big that isn’t another shawl.  i’ve done 2 now and it’s still not really cold enough to wear either without feeling distinctly uncomfortably – both from prickly warmth and odd looks from people who are still getting the last couple of weeks out of their summer sandals!

and so then – i have just started with this…


my first gauge swatch!  i did get really quite excited by the fact that i got the stitch gauge spot on but was a bit off on the row gauge but as i ordered an extra 3 skeins of yarn i’m going to go with it and hopefully end up with lovely cosy cardigan – fingers crossed……

although actually since i’ve just gone onto ravelry to create the project i’m thinking i might re-try the swatch on bigger needles – i could probably do with an extra inch or two width so will re-try tomorrow i think.

only other active wip this week is my bee-keeper – one new favourite hexapuff of the week so far…


not sure how all the colours will fit together yet but i’m still definitely a good way off needing to worry about it – 10 down, at least another 300 to go to get a decent sized quilt!

for lots of other projects make sure to go and check out tami’s blog

night folks

lesley x